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Shadows in Triangle Zone

Game Description

Shadows in Triangle Zone is a fun Puzzle Game in which every shadow is a new challenge. Triangle Zone is a planet located about 12.6 light-years from Earth, inside another dimension. TRI and GON were the two master creators of all the triangle citizens who live there. TRI was very serious, he only modified the length of the sides. GON played a lot with the angles (obtuse, right, acute). TRI entities were equilateral, scalene and isosceles. GON entities were obtuse, right and acute. The equilateral entity thought he was perfect, because of all his equal sides, so he only talked to the acute entity, the rest of the entities had no trouble at all and created a lot of other triangles with different sides and angles.

A few days later... the equilateral entity died... After that, the other triangles decided to join together and create only one city called TRIGON, honoring their master creators. But it lasted just a few days until everything became chaos. TRI and GON came back only to see everything was in real trouble. So with an E2-TM shadow army, they submitted all triangle citizens to a mortal test. So, each day, an E2-TM mortal shadow would appear in TRIGON, and all the triangles had to try to win a place inside it. The triangles without a complete place for them inside the shadow, would automatically die. The lucky winning triangles had the chance to live again in Triangle Zone!

How to play

Take each triangle with one finger and drag it inside the shadow's surface. Without letting it go, use another finger to rotate it, and adjust it to a better position. Remember, if a small part of the triangle stays outside the shadow... it will die! So, go ahead! It's your turn to save all the triangles you can and become the new triangle zone favorite hero!! If you like it, full version has 6 levels with more than 100 shadows and a bigger challenge within each shadow.

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