Cookie Defense AR
Epson Moverio BT-200

Augmented Reality Tower Defense

Place the different targets in a surface, point your camera and immerse yourself in an epic cookie battle against robotic evil beings. Create your own defense strategies moving around your different weapons and keep your castle protected at all times. You can change the position of your defensive weapons during the game anytime you want.

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  • 3D:
  • Augmented Reality:
  • Targets:

How to play:

Download and print pdf with the targets : Cut the targets individually. (One castle and four defensive weapons).
Place the castle's target in the centre of the surface where you want to play.
Choose a level, point your camera to the castle's target.
Now you can see your castle!
Start collecting "dough" to bake the weapons. Once the weapon is ready, bake it and place its target around the green road to start defending your castle from the robotic evil beings. Move and place the weapons any way you want to create defense strategies and defend your castle. There are 4 levels with different difficulties. Check out every weapon description to find out how to use them in a better way. You can play anywhere you want, just remember to take your targets with you. The game will pause if the castle's target is not found. Have fun!

Gaming tips:

The game works better when you are in a place with good illumination.
Try not to let the sun or an artificial light hit directly to the targets.
If the game starts doing strange things, cover the castle's target or point your camera to another direction, then try detecting the target again.
We recommend printing the targets in a new white paper.

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